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Our Difficult Breastfeeding Journey

After reading Two Peas, 1 Pod’s post My Breastfeeding Fail it inspired me to write about our own breastfeeding journey. Like Amelia, I felt unsure about posting about something as sensitive as this because I have the same fear that I will judged for not trying hard enough. Despite this, I want to talk about my experience incase there are any other Mums out there who have been through similar: you are not alone Mamas!

When I was pregnant there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would breastfeed my baby. I knew that breastmilk contained all the vitamins and minerals that baby would need and understood that research suggested that breastfed babies were more intelligent, were less likely to suffer from obesity and less likely to suffer from illnesses such as asthma.

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What Is Stillbirth?

I have no words… just read. Thank you Amelia for sharing 💗

I recently saw an amazing piece of writing on Facebook, written by a mother who lost her son recently. She described what stillbirth meant to her, so much rang true to me. As October is baby loss awareness week I wanted to break the taboo and share what stillbirth means to me. It’s not easy reading. I hope you never have to experience the pain that I have. But at the same time I think it’s important to understand what life is like for those that have been through this.

(You can read about Freddie’s story here:

Stillbirth is still giving birth. Even after they’ve said “I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat”. It’s still having to experience an excruciating labour with no reason to keep going.

Stillbirth is watching your parents and boyfriend cry and you wailing that you’re sorry because you feel as though you’ve let them down.


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My 10 Essentials for the first few months of Baby’s life.

How many of us went out during pregnancy and spent an absolute fortune then days after baby arrived were wondering how on earth we didn’t have in our hands the most basic of things? Just me?

Here I’ve compiled a list of the ten most essential things we used in the first few months of Dexter’s life as well as getting input from other Mums.
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20 Things I’ve Learnt in 20 Weeks

1. Being off work on maternity isn’t as fun as it seems. I’ve been off work now for nine months due to a mixture of maternity and sick leave and it isn’t all it is pictured. Hands up who thought they would spend their time swanning around the shops, sitting in Costa drinking coffee, walking baby around the park and generally having lots of free time to do whatever you wanted. The reality is that you are very lucky if you manage to put on some make up and leave the house on any given day.   Continue reading “20 Things I’ve Learnt in 20 Weeks”

How I got Tummy Time to work for us. 

If I had a quid for every time a mum told me that her baby hates tummy time, I’d treat myself to a night away in a hotel so I could have a full night’s sleep! But seriously, all babies start off hating tummy time. Why would you want to be put on the floor on your belly when you could be curled up on mummy’s warm chest in the fœtal position?  Continue reading “How I got Tummy Time to work for us. “

Daily routine for baby (and mum!) – our first four months.

In the first few weeks of baby’s life they will be going through the ‘fourth trimester’, trying to adapt to life in the outside world. During this phase it is near enough impossible to get anything done:  cooking, cleaning, sleeping, washing (clothes and yourself!) all of these things go out of the window. This lasts for approximately six to eight weeks. You know when it has come to an end because you start to think to yourself ‘I’m finally getting the hang of this thing’ hardly daring to believe it could be true.

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Dexter’s birth story

The few days before Dexter arrived are kind of a blur. I remember on the Thursday prior to his arrival my friend came over to see me and I started with a migraine whilst she was there. I had suffered terribly with migraines prior to getting pregnant, having them on average every other month, but since falling pregnant I’d only had two. This was a particularly bad one impairing my vision and I was unable to think straight. I took both paracetamol and ibruprofen, thinking what is the harm at this point and drank a can of coke. My friend said to me a few weeks later that I looked so uncomfortable and ill she was sure I was about to go into labour that day!

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It’s my opinion that the better a baby sleeps during the day, the better he will sleep at night. When Dexter was first born and he was sleeping all day, I used to try and keep him awake thinking it would mean I would get longer at night – big mistake!

Dexter has always been a relatively good sleeper so he has to take most of the credit as to how and why he naps so well, but I also like to put it down to my research and routine I adhere to every day. He slept through the night from around 9 weeks old and only very occasionally now wakes in the night.

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